Masteri Waterfront Gia Lam
Masteri Waterfront Gia Lam

Masteri Waterfront is a luxury apartment project invested and developed by Masterise Homes Group. The project has a scale of 3.7 hectares and is designed with 6 apartment towers located in Vingroup’s Vinhomes Ocean Park Urban Area. This is one of the first “Masteri” branded projects in Hanoi and is also a “key” project of Masterise Group in its journey to conquer the luxury real estate market in Hanoi Capital.

Possessing a prime location known as a “diamond” one right in the heart of Ocean Park Gia Lam, Masteri Waterfront Gia Lam consists of 6 luxury apartment buildings with up to 3,837 apartments, including 112 shop houses stretching under each building. With fresh air and cool, airy natural views, it creates a gentle, dreamy feeling. Moreover, Masteri Waterfront Gia Lam also has a convenient traffic system when located right at the Gia Lam golden intersection with 4 arterial roads, easily connecting to administrative and cultural centers of the region and the Capital.

For more than 30 years of operation, accompanying more than 2,000 projects, we clearly realize that true value is not only external beauty, but also internal sustainability and safety. AC brand is honored to be selected by Waterfront Gia Lam during construction of a modern, convenient apartment complex, bringing wonderful experiences to residents with the lighting system.

We are proud to provide customers with gentle lighting equipment with no glare, maximum color fidelity, exquisite design, durability and easy installation, minimizing power consumption during use, ensuring no UV rays and no mercury, bringing optimality and aesthetics to apartments in Masteri Waterfront Gia Lam project.

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