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Today, electrical equipment is not only popular but also diverse in style and color. In addition to ensuring safety for users, they also contribute to increasing the aesthetics of the space. We actively listen to keep up with the trends, meet diverse needs and constantly improve to produce Electrical Equipment products that meet high requirements in terms of safety, aesthetics, durability, are easy to install and suitable to many spaces.

We always aim to build electrical system safety protection solutions “from the inside to the outside”. For us, electrical conduit products are the “backbone” of the entire project, so we put our heart into choosing input materials and strictly controlling the production process to ensure to satisfy the standards of hardness, elasticity and durability over time with the projects.

With a reputation of over 30 years in the market, winning the trust of thousands of large and small projects at home and abroad, AC brand electrical conduits are honored to be the preferred choice of many large and small projects, bringing quality standards and absolute safety to the projects. With the advantage of self-extinguishing in less than 30 seconds and anti-corrosion, AC conduits meet the 3-No criteria (No fire – No cracks – No deformation), ensuring high compression force resistance, without cracks or cracks when being bent, mounted in walls, under concrete floors or buried underground, creating a beautiful design for the space while still ensuring high safety for every project.

In addition, electrical equipment products such as switches and sockets have also become extremely important for interior designs of works. We provide a variety of designs suitable for many different space styles, including hotels, resorts, apartments, and houses, etc. Made from high-quality PVC with outstanding features such as safe electricity insulation, high compression force resistance, impact resistance, as well as anti-corrosion and especially high fire resistance.

“AC electrical equipment – Trust for projects” is always affirmed by major partners and continues to be a “Trusted Partner” providing standard electrical equipment products and protecting the safety for “projects” of customers.

Our electrical equipment products include:

AC Conduit Catalogue Book #2376
Switch & Socket Catalogue Book #2422