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In the society today, with continuous development, people’s lighting needs are becoming more and more diverse in terms of lighting equipment. Initially, lighting equipment were simply to serve the visibility need. However, today, not just stopping at meeting visibility, lighting equipment also requires more safety and more diverse and eye-catching designs. Over time, energy-saving lighting was born, followed by environmentally friendly energy-saving lighting and then environmentally friendly energy-saving lighting towards people’s health and emotions in the green lifestyle.

The birth of LED lights is one of the breakthroughs in lighting equipment and is increasingly widely used because of its aesthetics and safety. No matter how high their performance is, LED lights are much more energy efficient than incandescent and compact fluorescent ones. Understanding customers’ concerns when finding and choosing lighting products suitable to each space while still being highly aesthetic and safe for user, taking human health as the center for developing and providing lighting solutions, with sophisticated, modern design, high quality, longevity and durability, LED lights ensure safety for users’ health.

With efforts and experience over the past 3 decades, we have constantly researched and developed to bring millions of families suitable lighting spaces that create an emotional connection between users and spaces. LED light product lines of AC and COMET brands of KTG Electric are the choices that you should not be missed. Lighting equipment of the AC and Comet brands are always trusted by customers for its real lighting, with energy saving and without glare, mercury, UV rays, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness. Thanks to the above advantages, AC and Comet lighting equipment has successfully won trust from customers.

Our LED light products include:

Catalogue LED Lighting Book #2426
Catalogue LED Commercial Lighting Book #2406
Catalogue LED Landscape Lighting Book #2411
Catalogue LED Solar Lighting Book #2412