Fields of Operations
electrical equipment

In current era when the life becomes more and more modern with many different fields of operation, people’s needs for living space also change over time. Living space is not just a place to live. People gradually focus on a more convenient and modern living space by equipping it with modern equipment, using electrical safety protection systems, air conditioners, lighting systems and advanced consumer electrical equipment, helping optimize convenience and comfort in daily life.

Being established in the 90s, KTG Electric is one of the pioneers in the field of distributing electrical and lighting equipment product and has continuously received great trust from customers and partners in the supply chain of products. With the desire to create convenience, modernity and personality of each space, we – KTG Electric constantly strive to provide a variety of quality product lines.

KTG Electric is proud to be a supplier of electrical and lighting equipment products for many different fields of operation. We own two strong brands: AC and Comet in the market. In particular, Comet focuses on providing electrical, lighting equipment and consumer electric products. AC specializes in lighting, electrical equipment and air conditioner products. Adapting to market changes, we gradually expand our business segments and develop a diverse, multi-functional product chain suitable for each space from civil buildings, shopping malls, trading centers, shops to large construction projects, meeting a convenient, modern life and aiming for a sustainable, green life of millions of residents in Vietnam.

Our fields of operation include: